Duncan Jeweled YoYos?

So I’ve been playing less with my yoyos and have been working on my collection. I’ve bought a few on ebay and three of them I have seen before and I can’t even find anything about them online. The only thing I know is that they might be from the 70’s. I have a cat, a cobra and an eagle and they all have a jewel on both sides. Does anyone know anything about these?

Those look pretty cool!

There was a guy, KCJewel, that did jewel mods on yoyos. Google KCJewel yoyo to see some examples. One Jeweled Panther makes me suspect him as a possibility.

[Edit] Actually, after a little more searching I see several more of these in various combinations including one with Duncan Jewel imprinted on it with a central stone of the same size as the stones in your photo. Also, one unopened in Duncan packaging.

ive seen the same type of work on etsy.

These are pretty common, you’ll see them on ebay quite a bit… Duncan made them in maybe the 70s? I don’t have my guide handy so don’t quote me on that…

In any case, worth a few bucks a piece. The cat is probably the most common, the others don’t come up quite as often.


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I haven’t seen any of these come up on ebay in the past year up until about 3 months ago other than the plain imperial with a jewel. I thought they were going to be more rare, although I didn’t really have any competition when I bought these on ebay. I paid about $20 for the cat and about the same for the cobra but I only paid about $8 for the eagle.

I’ve seen them countless times over the years, and I don’t look for them… they’re not really sought after and pretty easy to find.