Duncan 1979 Yo-Yolympics...

I was wondering if anyone has more info to share about the 1979 Duncan Yolympics? (Aside from youtube, and what can be googled)
Stock Footage - DUNCAN YO-YO SHORTS 1970s: http://youtu.be/XaqDO_oDDU8

I found this yo-yo today at a flee market for $2. I couldn’t find any pictures online of one exactly like it. I do know it’s from Six Flags Great America in Illinois, but I don’t know if it was issued as prize/giveaway, or sold as park souvenir during the event.

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ive never sseen one of those…very cool dude and a great find i wish i could shed some light on that…i hope someone does though,cuz im interested now myself

In Intrested to, you might have yourself a good “pick”
Can you offer us a side GAP view?

Check your Email; Stash

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Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

Thanks for the email yoyodoc :wink:
I’m still stumped because the only picture I found of the retail 3-pack shows a different version. Maybe they had a different 3-pack offered at Great America?

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Here’s her gap :wink:

Great find!

Based on further research, I think Richard Sengpiel (Jr) was the son of the Yo-yo Queen (Linda Sengpiel)?


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Does anyone know when modified shapes become mainstream? Because that is defaintly not the classic imperial shape, and shows much resemblance to what we refers to as “modified” today

The gap view looks like a bearing (concave even?) and starburst response. I’m gonna guess this yoyo isn’t from 1979.

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It’s a fixed steel concave. Never seen one like it. I assure you that it’s from the period…no alterations that I can see.
The outside was dirtier than pictured when found.
The axle was a bit rusty, but after burning through 2 strings in 2 days…it’s polished back up a bit. :slight_smile:

That’s odd. I really didn’t think starburst response was used that early.

I’ll compare it to this one when it gets here:

If you are gonna start collecting Duncan promotional these glows a a nice grab :wink:

Got one already :wink:
Only snagged this other one to compare the 2.
I hadn’t added any original Duncan professional , or Duncan slim-line professional yo-yo’s to my collection until now.
I like it.

Upon inspection of my Duncan Incredible Hulk’s gap (with my light on my phone :)) I wish to recant my previous statement regarding starburst response. :slight_smile:

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What does your axle look like? Concave?

It appears to be a smaller diameter metal rod than the one in your pic.

When I took the original string off for the first examination I replaced it by winding, I didn’t throw the yoyo.

This time I did. I now remember hearing that whining sound when I threw a Duncan professional 40 years ago or so. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

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Concave axle on both, but noticeably smoother spin on the Super Sugar Crisp version (Maybe Teflon coated?), the white plastic seems different quality. I enjoy throwing them.
Here’s some comparison pictures…
Enjoy :wink: