DUNCAN is looking for 2a throwers!!


Go to Duncan’s website Duncan.com or yoyo.com and there is a big banner asking for 2a players! Here is a chance to be sponsored if you want to!


I can do 30 consecutive right handed loops. Do I qualify?


XD i can too but Ive barely practiced 2a at all… Maybe 2-3 hours total :stuck_out_tongue: i can do like 5 left handed loops, i cant do 2 handed loops to save my life though xD but im gonna start working on it more once i get my pair of loopers, before now ife just been messing around with my fireball and imperial :stuck_out_tongue:

(WildCat23) #4

I can do five alternating loops, do I qualify? I just got a pair of Loop 360’s Thursday afternoon.


I’ve probably practiced looping for like 10 or 15 hours total. I actually only managed 27, and it was on a fixie.


I can loop forever. But that’s about all I can do. No other tricks. Loop the loop.


I can loop nicely with my right hand but I can’t get my left hand in on the action.


This is actually a pretty amazing opportunity. You can basically audition for a sponsorship.

If I only I played 2a…


I can loop with both my hands synchronized and do those cross over loops… On accident so u dint know I might have a chance…


I’ve been going for a year but I’m nowhere close to good =[. Established 2A players most likely prefer Raiders/Fireballs and I doubt they can adapt to a new yoyo.

I will apply if only my skills were up to par and only if I believed in the product. Given that I haven’t tried the Hornet yet I can’t judge its playability and if it’s worth ‘auditioning’ into the team.