Duncan Imperial Video Contest! :)



(Jesse) #2

I’m the only entry so far! Yay!

P.S. Video responses on that video aren’t working.


It’s probably because he has to approve them or something.

(marcusWsteadman) #4

Duncan is awsome!!! the original

(JackG) #5

too hard for me

(Chris Allen) #6

The Contest is still going and we only have 1 entry!
Quite the prize pool we have here

Best entry voted on by You wins the whole kit and kabootle.
Get your entries in by the end of October

(Infinite Chaos) #7

Those of you in Canada, anywhere here that I can get one? I dont really want to order one online and pay the price of the imperial in shipping. :stuck_out_tongue:

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(ThRoW-b0t) #8

dude, that is nasty. what an awesome idea.


awww…i wish i had a way to record myself…:frowning: haha but if i find a way i have til the end of october :smiley: