Duncan Ignite vs Yomega Nebula

Which one is a better looping yoyo?

I’d pass on both. Get a pair of Loop 808s. They are great loopers at a better price.

Kk thanks for the advice

If you really want to splurge, get a pair of Reverbs. They are like looping on buttery autopilot. They are incredibley smooth and can do a few loops even if you have terrible technique (like me). I can’t speak for tanglers and wraps considering I can’t do lefty hop the fence or righty shoot the moon, let alone two hands at the same time.

I rarely enter a topic to be critical if any product but I can’t let this one go by. Sorry :-/

You will never get better than your current level with this yoyo. You may like the fact you payed 3 - 10x what you needed but the reverb is a much better pocket yoyo than a looping yoyo. It does not possess the ability to flip as needed meaning one, two or three loops - fine but then it will all go astray and that won’t be your fault. It’s pretty, beautifully made and great for walk the dog and around the world but it should not be considered as a looping yoyo for someone wanting to loop.

I’m unfamiliar with the nebula but doubt it would be better than other lesser priced Yomegas (raider). The ignite is fine but higher on maintainance.

Obviously I’d recommend the 808/360 also.

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Cant argue with a professional 2A player!

the ignite is the same plastic/ mold as a bumble bee, it comes with a fixed axle if you swap that for duncan thin spacers and a bearing you have a bumble bee. Source I have a ignite with a bearing in it.

While they won’t outright improve what you can do, they are more forgiving of bad technique than anything else I have tried. I was able to break my record and pull off five inside loops on one. I don’t own a pair, though.

I will look into the reverb and i have been thinking about loop 360

for now get a loop 360

Ill look into it.

I agree with Ben. Loop 808’s started me off and now I have 900’s and can do tanglers, wraps,stalls, inside/outside loops, shoot the moon, and stuff I’m making up. Basically 808’s kick started me to the point that I want to compete 2a at Western Canadian Regionals :slight_smile:

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