Duncan Freehand Zero

Does is have long spin time?Im gonna buy this yoyo for 5A(beginner),but can i use it for 1A too?If so,how long is the spin time?Or should I just get a Lyn Fury AND the Duncan Freehand Zero?(I Don’t have much savings :’( )

duncan freehand zero is MADE for 5a, you will eventually get better and it’s time to buy an Atmosphere :smiley:

The FHZ is great for 5a BUT you will need to buy replacement pads.
The Lyn is also good and you won’t have to buy anything but string.
My suggestion is to get a FHZ and have someone recess silicone it for a beast of a 5a player.
You may be able to find someone in the BST selling one thats already done. Or you can buy a new one and send it to me for recessing. Lots of choices. There are also tons of other yoyo’s that are great for 5a. Most any 1a yoyo will fit that bill.

Thanks for clearing things up ;D

Umm…What kind of pads should i buy?(Kinda new in yoyo-ing)