Duncan Freehand Polycarbonate & Delrin! - Available Friday 09/15/23 - 8pm ET!

They wouldn’t sell B-Grades without denoting it first.

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I am genuinely curious my friends, why the delrin FH it was immediately sold out everywhere?
I was visiting some different shops around the world for the sake of it and I noticed that is basically sold out everywhere but I do not understand why!?

Quite a bit more limited I believe. There were tons of polycarb in stock here on YYE, but only like 10 of each color of the Delrin IIRC.

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Thanks for the explanation King, than it was just about numbers and not playing qualities of the yoyo itself!

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I’m an extreme amateur and this is my personal opinion of questionable value… I got one of each and I think the PC plays better. The delrin version looks awesome and I really like the feel of the delrin in-hand, but at least comparing the two examples I have, the PC is the clear winner as far as playability goes for me.


I love the delrin, but I have to agree the PC that I have plays better. It’s smoother and feels more balanced. I don’t think I could actually describe it but there is a definite play difference when played back to back.


That’s pretty much where I am with it. I’m not good enough to actually articulate exactly WHY I think the PC is better, but the first two things that come to mind are exactly what you said. It just seems smoother and more balanced.

In thinking about the Iceberg, is the PC louder than the delrin?

my wife does not like the shrill of the iceberg :sweat_smile:

I personally like the look of the delrin much more, reminds me of something that escaped the nintendo realm. I only picked up the delrin, and threw it once, it was fun, def not my best yoyo, but i like it.

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I think the Delrin is pretty loud like a hollow sound when spinning. The PC is much quieter than the delrin at least thats what I think. I spent more time with the Delrin and threw the PC a few times its like a night and day difference in sound.

sort of disappointed that there is no hole through the bearing post to have a way to pop the delrin and pc caps off for swaps, etc… probably will not be dyeing these… but they do not lack in quality as far as how well they are made, these are waaaaay better than the standard molded plastic fh1. pc plays/feels closest to the AL fh1 in my opinion.


The delrin is louder for me. The PC is actually fairly quiet out of the box.

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Has anyone successfully put a half bearing to make polyC version responsive? If so, how did it play? thx.


I see a lot of freehand releases and I can’t help but think that a polycarb or delrin butterfly would look very boss. :thinking:

I for one would buy several PC butterflys if they have this same frosted glass look.


Have I got a thread for you?

I want a more premium plastic butterfly so much.


I been postin’ in that thread; I’m a big butterfly guy :wink:

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I also find the PC a better player than the Delrin. Which seemed to be the common consensus from those who tried both at Worlds.

And regarding Cap Swaps, I saw this on the Freehand Facebook group :eyes:
Photo credit, Chris Makita, instagram handle: crs_mkt


I guess a strong suction cup works… but where to find one the right size…

It would be awesome, BUT I’d guess they’d cost around $50.

It wouldn’t be the most I’ve spent on plastic…


I imagine you could find some on Amazon or Ali express for cheap.