Duncan FHZ


I bought this Duncan FHZ and had great expectations about it but it turns out that it could only “sleep” for about 45 sec to a min, is the stock Duncan FHZ really like that? I expected it to perform a lot better. ???


You may need to clean the bearing. Mine came tug responsive and it also had some limited sleep time because of that.

Hopefully that helps


Clean the bearing? What material did you use in cleaning it?

(M.DeV1) #4

The FHZ has amazing modding capabilities that turn it from a good yoyo into an amazing yoyo! I would check out some videos on how to make your FHZ better like this one:


So how long do you think it needs to sleep to do tricks with it?


I wanted to do tricks such as cold fusion, skin the gerbil, and other sort of long tricks. Whenever I see experts do tricks with a stock FHZ, they do a lot of things (well, they’re experts xD)


Get some mod spacers on that thing.


Cleaning and lubricating the bearing may solve your problem. But the tricks you mentioned do not take a minute to land/complete. You should be just fine with those spin times. Making sure you have a strong, smooth throw is always the foundation of long sleep times.