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Hey I just got a light up freehand yoyo and it doesnt seem to keep sleep time very well I was just wondering if there was anything that I could do about this thanks


Buy a CLYW! All your problems will be gone…


If you mean a FHZ you can always lube it and FYI if you don’t own any lube sewing machine oil works well!

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Lubing the bearing would make it worse…


not necessarily. Duncan bearings aren’t always the greatest out there they are always heavily lubes it’s it your best intention to swap the bearing, and if it doesn’t help try to remove one of the friction stickers to reduce responsiveness.


Or just clean the bearing


Listen up here.

Remove 1 friction sticker, take the bearing out and clean it, and work on your throw and make it straight.

The first 2 things help, but the the last thing is the one that is most important.



There’s several things:

The biggest issue I find with most Duncan A-bearings is they need a good cleaning. This helps a lot. Do realize that the mechanism that causes the circuit to engage will disengage before the yoyo is spinning too slow to bind it back. However, cleaning the bearing is not going to help you if you have any of the following issues:

The other issue, equally important, is your throw. A good, hard and straight throw is critical to this yoyo.

Combined withe straight throw is playing clean. You want minimal string rubbing along the sides and response. For me, this is where most of my problem actually is.

Lastly, the idea of maybe getting a shaped bearing such as a KK or CenterTrac might be options to explore. You may also wish to purchase the Duncan Spacer kit and see which bearing and spacer combination works most ideal for you. Widening the gap might just do the trick.

Another option might be the Mod Spacer kit. This will also alter the inner shape of the yoyo, but it’s not permanent, so you’re always safe to take it out. A word of warning is that this may cause vibe, so it would be well advised that you tune your yoyo before settling down on the final configuration.


Listen to this man!!!