Duncan Crew on Early Show

I watched it today at about 8:30, I got up at 6:30 and watched The News and Early Show. I was disapointed when they only yoyoed for about 20 seconds. I thought It would be a whole segment. and I was hoping it would get the yoyo out for all again but after watching it I didn’t want to go and buy a yoyo. They were good, but for any other person it would get them into yoyoing.

It sounds pretty interesting. If you ever find it online, would you be please post it here? :slight_smile:

I looked for an hour, and no one recorded and put it on the internet. They put a lot of hype in it for twenty seconds. The yoyoers they said would be on it and they were. But every one was in a line doing mostly 2A and the people doing 1A were doing eli hops and Bommerang. They got peaple on here too exicited about it.

Which yoyoers were on it?

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um…Seth Peterson, Mark Hayward, Nate Sutter,and Brandon jackson

Thanks! And thanks to mrcja for posting the video!