Sunday Morning on CBS - Yo-Yo Segment

If you are home turn the TV on to CBS for a special yo-yo segment that was filmed at Nationals and following players to Nationals! If you see it let us know what you think?! :slight_smile:

Is it stil on or did I wake up too late?

Up next!

Saw it, it was really neat! I saw Yuuki Spencer in action for a bit too. I hope they’ll have another yoyo segment next Sunday morning! :smiley:

Ahh. Oh well. It’s cool to know that some of us are on T.V.

Its probably longer at the end

Someone post a video if they get one! I’ll be checking YYS’s regularly… :slight_smile:

I saw it, and I tried to record it on my DVR, but it never reached the end. :frowning:

Anyway, it was awesome! Saw a lot of awesome yo-yoing in there.

Saw it and recorded that last part just with the yoyoing :smiley:

Saw it it was cool with all the yoyo history

I saw it! Cool, but what was mainly cool about it was that fact that it was on TV. It wasn’t that great of a segment.

My dad taped it for me…

It was mostly a reporter and Joseph Harris

Im happy it didnt talk about yoyos being a weapon except with that one commercial, but behind the history xD

has anyone posted a video on the web yet?