Dude who owns rethinkyoyo.com

You have helped me bunches dude. Everyone go there for the best tuts

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Yes, Thank you “Dude who owns rethinkyoyo.com!”

I think his name is Kyle. I could be wrong, though.

Awesome learning site, isn’t it?

There’s a lot of great learning sites. This is one of them. What happend to yoyotutorials? It’s kinda on life support at the moment. That’s another good one. But when I went to find help for lapses in the YYE stuff, rethinkyoyo was there for me. It was through that site that I learned to bind. And ferris wheel, and trapeze and brother and a few other things.

Kyle Vegh is his name and he has some very good tutorials that is for sure.

Hey thank you, I really appreciated seeing this thread. Means so much to me to know that the site is being enjoyed. I’ve been sort of slacking with coming out with new tutorials as of late, but I have definitely not forgotten about the site. It’s just difficult to make the time with college and projects and friends and stuff. But yeah, thank you so much. Glad I could be of service.


No problem broseph!! I live your videos actualky im about to learn idiom but its tough for me i got bad dexterity

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best tuts in the world. love your style bro!!

Could u make a ladder escapr tut kyle?

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