Rethinkyoyo 1YEAR

It’s been an amazing year.  It was exactly one year ago today that the site, Rethinkyoyo, was launched.  In that time, over 65 tutorials were made, dozens of people sent me emails asking for help, giving thanks, or offering suggestions, and I’ve personally made quite a few friends from all over the place. My hope is that this little project will continue to grow and help more people.  Hope you guys like this video; it has a load of tricks that I’ve already made tutorials for on Rethinkyoyo, and several more that are upcoming tricks to be made into tutorials.

Check out to see all the tutorials so far and keep watch for more.  They’re coming out all the time, and I even have one in the works right now.

That…was…AMAZING! :o
I gotta learn those tricks.

Kyle, you have such a great flow in tricks, no imperfections, and a beautiful style. I will be checking in on rethinkyoyo time to time for some of those tricks.

One question, what yoyo were you using?

Awesome tricks. Awesome site. Awesome video. :slight_smile:

that was really crazy!!! i like your tricks!

man ur crazy good and i check up on ur site often i learned some new tricks off of there man your really good ;D ;D

Thanks dude(s)! And yes, you do. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I appreciate it!! The yoyo was the new SPYY Stryker. It’s a really superb yoyo.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks man, awesome to hear!

It’s great to know you’re checking on the site! I love to hear people are learning the tricks, since that’s what the site is all about. Thanks for the compliments too.

Really good site, I’ll have to learn a few tricks off there! Great video, man.

wow only a year? that is very good for such a new site ;D

Wow! Great job! I hope to see more tutorials in the future. ;D

The site is only a year old, he’s been yoyoing for more.

great vid kyle, but left one out, wheres the hitch hiker

You’ll have to learn more than a few! haha, thank you!

Thanks very much! I know, it’s been a crazy year.

Believe me, you will! Thanks!

Hey Max! I decided to only include original tricks in this vid. And also, I never did do a full-fledged tutorial for hitch hiker. The vid I sent you for it was still a tut, but it wasn’t in the normal format and quality as I normally try to do, so I never made it public on youtube.

yes i meant to say wow the SITE is so good and popular in only a year

please make a tutorial for prescue vu

He has tutorials for all the tricks he did in his video. That’s actually the whole point of this video.

Actually, I have tutorials for all the tricks in the video except for 4: Croatoan, Experimental Laziness, Presque Vu, and Impatient Perfectionism. Those were sort of previews of tutorials that are coming. So yes, if all goes according to plan, I will be making a tutorial for Presque Vu. :slight_smile:

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Which one are you doing next? and when?.. hehe

Well, since people have been requesting a tutorial for Presque Vu, I’ll do that one first. But, I need to do a Ninja Vanish tutorial before I can do Presque Vu, since it uses Ninja Vanish. AND, before Ninja Vanish I want to release a tutorial for another trick that I’ve had ready for a while. So… you’ll see it when you see it. hahaha