Duct tape Friction Stickers!!!

The name says it.

I took about 6" of grey duct tape and layed it on an old 2-4 cut around an old Duncan friction sticker with a hobby knife. They are GREAT!!! :o 1 sticker=nonresponsive 2stickers= responsive.
They are a little time consuming but when y0ou think about the money you are saving it all becomes okay. ;D Try it and see what you think I put 1 in my freehand.

good luck



what do you think ???

come on guys ???

That’s cool. I am crazy about duct tape, and it is cool how there are different colors of duct tape, so you can make different color friction stickers! I’ll try this one!

yes finally someone sees how cool this is. ;D

I put one on each side and it is still unresponsive so i was wrong there. 2 grey and binds are tight and unresponsive. but I know that the colored tape Is almost twice as thick. Fun ,Cheap and easy to get more! :o

I love Duct tape :smiley: lol

I hate duct tape, but that’s mainly because idiots keep putting it over my cables and leaving adhesive gunk all over them that requires cleaning.

I’d say if you want thinner with a bit more “grip”, try gaf tape. It’s around 4X more per roll and has a cloth surface, it might be a bit nicer. It comes in many colors in case you need to match some decor scheme. My choice? Stage black. But grey and white are nice too. Yellow anyone?

If you’re doing this a lot, have a punch made.

Great Idea to experiment with.

I happen to love duct tape :stuck_out_tongue:

all of us have opinions.

WD40 removes duct tape adhesive really well for everyday use. Might give it a try ???

I just think it is so cool to be able to make friction stickers so cheep and easy.

good luck yall

If I use WD-40, it eats away at the casing of the mic cable. What I can’t get off right away, takes forever to come off and just ends up catching more dirt.

It’s substituting one problem for another problem.

have you tried goo-gone?
or maybe some cooking spray? don’t remember where I read it, but it said to spray cooking spray on the wire, wait like 5 minutes, then wipe it off. but I think that was for electrical tape residue, not duct tape. not sure if they leave the same sticky residue

I used goo gone to get duct tape off a gym floor once and it worked.

YES I know duct tape on a gym floor was not a good idea :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

I also think duck brand sells their own adhesive remover but I have no idea how that works.

On another note this topic will get put in unrelated discussion if we continue to talk about how to get duct tape adhesive off of cables :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

lol :wink:

The tape I would think that would work well would be electric tape. But I don’t know just a thought…

I think I like duct tape more than Duncan friction stickers.

Tighter binds and completely nonresponsive

I think I’m about to try this…I have a squirrel that needs new stickers, and a sticker-less FH2 I’m too lazy to silicone at the moment. Now I need to find me some duct tape, after all…duct tape fixes everything, including marriages, right?