What can I do with an old duncan flying squirrel and 2010 freehand 2?

It has been taken apart to beefcake my freehand but I don’t use my freehand anymore because I have no friction stickers. I wanted to mod them in a way to improve them but in a simple way. Not complicated stuff like drills and jewelers screwdrivers and stuff like that.


Never tried it myself but this guy swears by it. C=

the drill and screwdriver thing is incredibly simple…
just put the axle in the drill, and place the screwdriver to the yoyo while it’s spinning. It was my first actual mod, and mine turned out fine.

or you can just buy some silicone stickers clean the bearing and put on only 1 sili sticker at a time.

I truthfully like duct tape stickers better than silicone stickers. ;D

try it.

just cut the duct tape into the size of your sticker and play.