Duck and Cover

The sky is falling, the sky is falling…

It was just Galileo’s ghost getting his point across that he’s still angry over the house arrest.

Yeah maybe, but why didn’t he aim it at Italy then. :wink:

That’s still in debate by many scientists. They made a great pic about it already…That and aiming some metor style shenanigans ain’t easy when you’re dead, I’m sure.

At first I thought this was going to be related to duck tape, but now reading this it’s about the Russia thing, and they should have protected themselves with duck tape or they wouldn’t be broken

It’s duct tape… Not duck tape…


Both spellings are widely accepted.

Yeah duck tape is a brand name that makes duct tape.

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you learn something new everyday. I did not know that was how it was

But the one is totally wrong, with the exception of the brand name.
I guess that just shows the mentality of a broad portion of the country.

Duct tape is the correct name for the type of tape, generically. Like tissue.

Duck tape is a commonly used brand name. Like kleenex.

“Duck Brand Duct Tape” is the brand name not “Duck Tape”

Really? It just says “Duck Tape” on a roll that we have…

Umm no actually it is Duck. Their trade marked name is Duck. Not duck brand. They also trade marked the name of their most popular product which is duck tape. That’s why it says Duck Brand Duct tape. Which is duck tape, their trade marked name.
They used that name because duct tape was made out of duck cloth originally. It was nick named that as well. When it was turned over to consumers they used it for ducts more then sealing stuff for under water use. So its name became more commonly known as duct tape. In fact it became its proper name. At that point a guy realized he could trade mark the name Duck tape, and did so. He later made the trade mark of the company duck with a cartoon mascot of a duck.
How stupid of a name would duck brand duct tape be for a trade marked name?

It was called duck tape before the duck brand existed and before it was called duct tape.


I thought this thread is about a meteorite…gosh,off-topic people

Yep, and the title says it all. Back in the day, “Duck and cover” was a drill schools did weekly to prepare for a disaster. The teacher would yell “Duck and cover.” and everybody had to dive under their desk.

Duct tape!!! Geeesh, kids these days.

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