Email to Fox News

Me, like many people, have gotten fed up with Fox News. So I sent them an email about their terrible news practices.

To Whom It May Concern,

     As a long time viewer of your wonderful current news shows, I feel it is my responsibility, if not my need, to point out a fatal flaw in the nature of every one of your shows.  The first time I tuned into Fox News, I was little over seven years of age. I had exhausted the usual showings of Dora the Explorer, knowing exactly where Swiper had hidden the magical bag of beans, and so I was seeking to expand the horizons of my knowledge.  This led me to your wonderful news organization, but for all of the wrong reasons.  You see, when I was younger, I had taken a specific likening to the Vulpes vulpes member of the Canidae family.  Upon seeing the name of your organization, I was misled, although still intrigued.  I managed to watch the broadcasts, even though I had been tricked into doing so.  I began to understand your meanings, even as a child, but with this understanding came hate.  You must realize, I have grown up in a liberal portion of Iowa, and have been chastised for my conservative views.  Being at the age of sixteen now, I understand what attributed to this view point of mine, Fox News. I can not stand to see another intelligent person fall to the misleading nature of this organization's name.  I encourage you to change the name of your broadcast station to something more suitable, something that will not allow children to fall into this trap that you have set for them, however unintentional it may be.  If you will allow this name to continue, I will  ask you to at least dedicate a few moments of on air time to the members of the Canidae family whose names you have stolen.  I ask you this as a long time viewer, and even as a friend. 

      I understand that my focus may not have been clear in sending this message to all of the Fox News correspondents, but I hope one of you may respond to me accordingly, and pass this to whomever you may need to.  I thank you whole-heartedly for the time you took to read this, and I can only hope for further action from here.

Thank you,

Quinton Haley, (Concerned Viewer)

Agreed Q. Good luck getting them to change.

Terrible news practices? Tricked? Hate? Liberal, conservative? I’m baffled here.

Is this a joke or something?


Wow guys.

It’s a letter about how Fox News contains no real Foxes. How this is misleading towards children, causing them to be brainwashed

Get with it.


I say it’s false advertising.

That’s the most punk rock thing I’ve ever read! Way to go!

news has never been the same since the king of suspenders left

was i not clear in my sarcasm?

Some sorta come close… :wink:

Huckabee is a looker.

Yeah, I’m sure they’ll get right back to you real soon.

Already got a reply.

[quote= FOX NEWS] what

ok this is just retarded

There is a fine line between funny and retarded, thankfully, Q seems to know the differance.


And anyway, I’m glad I have your opinion on it. I feel sorry for you though. They have you so brainwashed, that any mention of their malicious plans makes you hostile. 'tis a sad fate indeed. After all, you had so much potential.

Oh, wait. I forget. I don’t care.

Oh, forgot that last part there.

I agree, Glenn Beck is getting kind of annoying.