The Life of Foxy (My dog)

So, I recently, as in today, confirmed that my ten year old dog, Foxy Stewart, has a very large cancerous Tumor in her abdominal region. The vet says she only has a few weeks to live. Then we will put her to sleep, letting her memory and life not be filled with an ounce of pain. Now, y’all are probably thinking, why the heck is he posting this here? It’s just a dog, right? Wrong. I have had her since I was nine, I am now almost 19. She has been through everything with me. She has made me happy on my darkest days. Most of y’all know me as that crazy son of a gun who blabbers on, and is cool, and can take a joke. I wasn’t always like this. My dad was deployed most of my life, whether it be Bosnia, Iraq, Desert Storm Desert Shield, Afghanistan, or even the pits of Leesville, Louisiana. I turned extremely bitter. When I was nine, my mom thought it would help me if we bought a dog to be my friend. We saw an ad for a Welsh Pembroke Corgi that needed a home, but required an “interview” to make sure we were a good match. When we got there, we had to put the dog in my lap. She immediately curled up in mine, much like a cat, and sat there, smirking. We began talking with the Owner, who happened to be a professional Standard poodle breeder. As we were talking, on of her show poodles walked by, and Foxy’s right paw immediately shot out, slapped the poodle’s tail, and jolted right back, as if nothing happened. I knew she and I would get along. When We brought her home that weekend, she and I played for quite a while. It became evident she and I were a great match. Less than a month later, something off happened. We were giving her a treat, and I was sitting on the couch. She looked at the treat, looked at me, and dropped the treat from her jaws, and ran to me, jumped on the couch and cuddled in my lap. Now, for those who don’t know dogs, that’s unheard of…dogs will almost always eat their treat first…She didn’t even nibble it until I had pet her for about ten minutes. We were astonished, trust me. Years went by, and when I was 12, another event let me know Foxy was indeed my dog. We were taking her to the car from the Kennel, when a dog in the back of a pickup, A black Lab, looked at me, and began growling viciously at me. Foxy immediately stood firm, and growled back at it, causing the lab to stop, and curl up into a surrendering stance. Now, mind you, a Corgi is only about a foot and a half tall when on all fours…A fully grown black Lab is much bigger, trust me. As the years went by, Foxy has done more than enough to show me she cared for me. She has helped me with my depression, and has made me a much better person. Now that she is in her final weeks, I will be posting pics of our last moments, so that the world’s best dog, Foxy, will be remembered. I love her like a sister I never thought was possible. I will miss her, but I want her to live on. Thank you for reading this, and taking your time.

Ian Stewart

2 years ago I lost my dog, Bucky. He was a best friend and a brother to me. He had bone cancer and had to be put down. That was one of the saddest moments of my life. Just always remember that you have your friends around you who are ready to help you out if you need it. It’s hard losing someone, especially someone so close and dear to oneself. If you need anything, just talk to me.

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You have no idea how much that means to me, Locust…Thank you so much…It really helps to be able to do so…Thanks, man.

Yep dogs can contribute to ones well being. I lost my chow mix, 12 years old, just about a year and a half ago, actually think of her every day.

I feel for ya but sounds like you’ve been as good for your dog as your dog has been for you.

Keeping you and your pooch in my thoughts.

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I hope we can get through this. I don’t know what it feels like. But, I want to help by being nice.

We will make her live on.


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Let me start with this, there is no such thing as “just a dog”. As is apparent from my posts I own a cat. However the cat in the picture, Banjo Jinx, is not the cat I have now. Banjo had to be put down at only 14 months of age because he developed FIP, a rapidly debilitating disease which took his life in less than a month. Ironically Banjo was my replacement cat for a wonderful friend Scout who was with me for over sixteen years. She had thyroid cancer. I lost two pet cats in less than 9 months.

I recite all that not to hijack your story about Foxy but communicate how well I understand where you’re at with this. Our pets are not our animals, they are our faithful companions. In some ways they have a better comprehension of our anxieties and pain. Their loss is a real loss of a genuine close friend. To mourn their departure is right and good because their love and devotion is unconditional.

Might I make this note because there is a mistake some misunderstanding people make and that is for you to just go get another dog and all will be well. You know full well how callous and uncaring such sentiment is. I believe it is better to approach this loss with an understanding that you will never attempt to “replace” Foxy. Her place in your heart is her place forever. I would encourage you to consider adopting again in time if there comes a point when you feel ready. However your new friend doesn’t enter your life to take Foxy’s place. No dog could ever do that. However another dog can enter your life and create a brand new place in your heart that is theirs all their own. But Foxy will always be that best friend who brought you through the difficult challenges of adolescence and was faithful each day to grant you a playmate or shoulder on which to lean. No other dog will ever be able to do that for you again. They can take you through new battles.

I am truly sorry for your loss of Foxy. Please know this, she agonizes over having to say goodbye to you just as you grieve over having to say goodbye to her. You are right, she truly loved you deeply. I completely understand your heartache.


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I know what it’s like to lose a dog. It’s horrible. I lost my first dog when I was 9. I was so sad.

About a year and a half later we got another dog. His name is Louie. He is CRAZY. But I definitely love him. He comes up into my room and sleeps in my room every night.

I feel for you man.

My dog died on Fathers Day 2010, it riuned my dad’s whole day. I had Brandy, a Mini Sheltie since I was 2 and she was one.

When we lost our family dog, everyone was heartbroken. We didn’t even want to talk or think about it much for a good long time.

But eventually, we shared a few stories, got to talking, and all concluded that we shouldn’t be sad anymore, since we gave her a really good life and she brought so much love into ours. We treasure her memory and honour it by remembering how wonderful she was.

Once you’ve mourned for a while (and that time will vary for every person… don’t be ashamed of either a short period OR a short period; it’s YOUR mourning) I can tell already that you will honour Foxy’s memory by thinking of not only the great things she brought to your life, but also how happy she was to have spent her time with you. Believe me, you enriched her life as well. There’s a time to be sad, and when that time starts to pass, you will be so glad that you had this wonderful relationship.

I am so, very sorry. It is equivalent to losing a family member. I will mourn with you, and I can only imagine the pain you are going through. I may have only owned cats, but when Loki died, I cried for a month straight anytime mention the word “Cat”. She will always live on in your heart. I apologize for your loss.

My thoughts go out to you and Foxy, Ian. My dog is only 2 years old, and I already dread the moment when we have to let her go. You two must have had so many good memories, she will pass away happy. Your story touched me, and I realized that a dog is truly a man’s best friend.

Best wishes,

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Johnny, I…Am touched, I love y’all as a whole…I feel so happy…Thank y’all so much.

Yeah I know how much dogs mean man. Our dog got really out of shape and was looking like she wasn’t going to go on much longer but we’ve gotten her back up to health. It saddens me to think that one day I’ll have to see her go.

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You’re lucky to have had a good dog. I hope you come to enjoy the memories.

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I’ve never had a dog, but I had a cat. My mom had the cat before she even met my dad. Our cat died several years ago. It was heartbreaking for our whole family. We knew she was getting older, she was having problems eating and walking. We started giving her soft food. We never figured out how she died. My brother always said she choked on the food. I thought she just died naturally. I guess we’ll never find out. I am really sorry man… My mom had a dog once. A puppy beagle. But one day it disappeared. Someone found it in the woods several weeks later. Somebody poisoned it and killed it. My family is thinking of getting a dog…my dad is still reluctant because he misses our cat so much. My brother always wanted a dog…

Y’all are so awesome…thank you so much…it’s great to know people are here to help.

:’( hope all of you feel better!

I’ll keep you and your dog in my prayers and spread the word with my sig