The Life of Foxy (My dog)

I want you to know, my dad and I just prayed for you and your dog.

Y’all seriously, all of y’all…are so awesome…I feel happy, and so does Foxy…We both thank all of you.

And those pics relate to this how?

This should dim that which is already bright.

I want to let you know that I’ve felt the feeling. Both my Grandparents have died of Cancer and I don’t think I will ever have the same outlook on life ever again. After they died we inherited their Airedale Terrier Sabrina. She was very old when she came to live with us and now she is refusing to eat and doing her duty all over the house. We believe she may need to be put down soon. To make a long story short, I only have 3 living grandparents. 2 of which live in NY, a decent distance from me. The third, my Grandmother, is currently dying in the hospital of old age. I just want to let let you know that even when people say that the grieving will pass, it won’t. But be strong and fight through it.

I’m sorry about the dreadful news. If I can provide support of any form, let me know.


same here bro… i prayed for you and your dog when i went to church this morning… me and all my buds at church, including the pastor! ;D

This is a very touching story and i was almost shead my tears when reading this . The feeling that when you lose somebody very important to you ? I know how that’s feel . My puppy , a Jack Russell Terrier was only 3 months old when he died in his sleep due to CARE disease . I was torn aparts , i really love him and coulnd’t stop my tears for him but my dad go furious about , saying that a dog is just a dog and it CAN be replaced and then make me stop crying by force . That feelling still linger but the memory of my JRT will lived in my heart :’(


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So…there came some half and half news today…My dog got the tumor and her spleen removed safely…My dad said oaky to the surgery, and the money came out of my extra college funds, So Foxy has about a few months more…The bad news, liver spots…so they are keeping her for a few more days to check up on her. Thank y’all so much, your prayers were apparently heard, and the support was much needed. Thank y’all so much. I’ll keep updating this, though. It’ll now be a progress of life kind of thing. Y’all are so awesome…I really need to get money, so I can fly to each one of y’all’s places, and give y’all a hug…Like, for real…y’all are that cool.


Sounds like your dog Is going to be Okay then again I could be jinking it…

I really hope she gets those extra months. The docs told us that my dog would only live a month at best, yet he endured a full year before we felt it inhumane to let him be in so much pain. Give that dog all the love you’ve got, and I’m sure she’ll return with all of her heart.

My hope to Foxy that she’ll be okay

How’s she doing?

She’s doing quite well. She’s got all her energy back, she still weighs 24 pounds like she’s supposed to, and she is very happy just laying around in her crate while she recovers for one more day. The biopsy is still being conducted on the 7 pound tumor, but she looks healthier than ever.

That’s great to hear. Give her a hug for me!

Me too! glad she’s feeling well!

Yay! I didn’t jinx your dog!

You made me cry bro… I had a mutt named Morgan “Morgy” we called her. We were the same age. My parents got her when i was 4 weeks old. She was prob like 5 or 6 so she was a little older. I grew up ridin that dog as a toddler. Loved her so. Shed be 19 but passed when she was 16. She was deaf and blind and my steomom let her out when it snowed. Didnt bother to put her on her chain… And she got hit. At first when i heard i just said the D word… Then like a day later when i woke up and didnt see her at the foot of my bed. I bawled… Dang yo. Im cryin. Good times :slight_smile:

I am here:
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I’m really sorry to hear that, YoRed. I’m not gonna lie, I cried like twenty times before foxy got the tumor removed…you have my deepest sympathy, and I hope Morgy is resting in peace, knowing you cared for her.