DT string falls into spacer problem.

Hey! I have a question- on the dollar tree yoyo, how do you keep the string from falling inbetween the spacer and the bearing? This happens on 2 out of the 4 DTs i have right now. Where should i sand the spacer to stop it? Thanks!

PS: I know what you guys are going to say: “its a 1 dollar yoyo, deal with” so if youre going to say that dont respond.

To be honest, I’m curious as well. I’ve been having this happen to me on my FHZ after adding an O-ring for a little bit of extra space.

Any help would be appreciated.

One of the right I bought does this (only one I opened). If I get an answer I will shout it atop the mountains.

Where do you have the o-ring? Between the shell and the spacer/bearing seat, or between the bearing seat and the bearing? What is the vintage of your FH0? Originally they came with an extra set of brass washers that fit between the bearing seat and the shell, so at least on an older one there should be no problem with putting an o-ring there. I’ve done it w/o problems. I don’t know how the newer ones are.

Looking at the pics from the store - http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/46/Duncan-Free-Hand-Zero
it appears that there should be enough space in the recess to accommodate an o-ring BEHIND the spacer/bearing seat. (Between the bearing seat and the shell)

I have my o-ring between the bearing seat and the shell. I figured that was the only way to do it. I suppose I’ll just have to stop at the hardware store on my way to work tomorrow and pick up a few washers. Perhaps the o-ring is adding too much to the gap, as the space between the bearing and the spacer (as tiny as it is) is exposed now. However, even a sleeper will cause the string to get caught.

Edit: I forgot to note, I have tried using both the brass and aluminum spacers. The problem occurs with both.

I’ve used the washers and the o-rings w/o a problem. Do you have it screwed together tight enough?

p.s. Just checked mine and with one brass washer in each side, the bearing/seat seam is flush with the shell or a bit inside. No way the string and get in there on mine.

I have it screwed together as tight as it will go without causing damage. I suppose I’ll just have to play with some smaller o-rings and washers. The o-rings I have are labelled something along the lines of #47 sized or something similar. I forget the exact measurements, and I can’t find the package at the moment.

Anybody? Mr.YoyoM?