DT Quest for Sponsorship!



Here’s the deal. Rhylan Morgan (Head manufacturer for DT) wants me to send in a video showing some of what I can do, and depending on the response I get, I will either be on the team or not. If you could please comment positively on this, like it, or post on the YYE topic, I would greatly appreciate it.


Awesome dude!


Thanks. Ive got a good bit of positive response so far, but if I can get a bit more I think im on the team for sure.


You’re awesome!!

(NotATyrant) #5

You already have my response as I was your first commenter on your video and I believe that you would be a great assessment to the team!



(NotATyrant) #7

You know what I meant? I’m on Dead Threads!


Great stuff!




Get this dude on the team!!!


Right now I have a handful of comments directly on youtube and here, so I assume its just a matter of time.




Awesome video. I think you deserve the sponsorship.



(Alex Fairhurst) #15

It was good.

Definitely good enough to get sponsored by a string company.


Sweet do it hope you get sponsored you really deserve it!


Please tell us if you do get it!
I hope you do!


I wanna send Rhylan a link to this and see if it motivates him haha.


Man your good!!!

(Owen) #20

Heyy good stuff!