Drying bearings

will it make a difference if I dry my bearings using a hairdryer rather than compressed air after cleaning?

The main reason for using compressed air isnt to dry the bearing, at least not in the traditional sense, it is to remove all of the remaining gunk and/or solvents inside of the bearing quickly, utilizing high pressure. I do not think that a hair dryer would be strong enough to do the job, I could be wrong as I have never tried it, regardless, it would still be better than nothing at all. Just stick your bearing on the tip of a wooden pencil (sharpened, with the tip broken off is how I do it) and flick it to make sure it is spinning well to allow a fairly even distribution of the pressured air to the races of the bearing, this decreases the chance of a small filmy buildup. That is again, IF you want to run your bearing dry, I do. Though a lot of people will tell you to follow the cleaning up with an appropriate lube for the type of play you desire, Thin for unresponsive and thick for responsive. Note that any type of lube (I am stating this for thin lube in particular) will add some level of response, this is just because the bearing’s balls and races are getting distributed evenly with lube, this can easily be done by repeatedly playing with the yoyo, even if it is just sleepers and breakaways. I hope this clears things up for you a bit, and no doubt SOMEONE will come along and correct me, or state that I am wrong about some minuscule improper wording I used, don’t mind them :wink: This has always worked for me :smiley:

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