(Dry Bearing)Lube Help

I Need Help!!!

how do you ‘dry’ a bearing i have a normal(stock) bearing and i would like to know how to dry it

what does it mean or do?

does it help

i really want to know how to dry it

ps sorry to change the subject but would i need a kk bearing for a New Breed or is stock fine?

Anyway yes, please reply on showing or telling me how to dry it

what difference does it make anyway


please reply asap ;D

To “dry” it, you clean the bearing, or blast compressed air at it until it has nothing inside anymore.

It basically makes the bearing spin to the maximum, but the bearing’s life will be shortened. It will usually still last a few months to over a year though.

And no, you don’t need a kk bearing.

http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html to clean your bearing.

To make it dry, just keep playing with it, and don’t lube it.

Is the play of a KonKave worth it? Yes!

Would it go great in your Yo-Yo? Yes!

Do you need it? No!

You don’t need to have a masterpiece bearing to complete combos or pull off a fun trick. Stock bearings should do you fine. :slight_smile:

Running a bearing “dry” means without lube. The usual method is to remove one of the bearing caps, clean the bearing with mineral spirits, spin it on the end of a pencil or whatever to get most of the mineral spirits out of the bearing, then let it try, and put it back in. There is a stick post about how to clean bearings, if you need more information.

Personally, I prefer to leave my bearings alone unless there is something wrong with them, as I like them quiet (dry bearings are generally a bit louder).