Dry lube for yyr ds bearings?

Does anyone recommend dry lube for the yyr ds bearings? I have a gold and a platinum one. They are super smooth and very quiet, and I wish not to disturb the integrity of the bearings.

Also, any recommendations on using the dry lube? I usually set the bearing in mineral spirits for about 19 seconds, the place it on a paint brush (or pen), then use canned pressurize air to blow/spin it dry, apply the dry lube to one bearing and twist and spin the bearing to work the grit in until I notice the gritty feeling lessens, at which point I soak the bearing in the mineral spirits once more for another ten seconds or so, blow dry with the canned air once more, and consider the process complete.

Is this how it ought to be done?

Your process is a bit different from the recommended, but if the second round of mineral spirits is not rinsing the dry lube away, then there’s no problem. That would be my only concern.

YYR DS bearings-- sure, dry lube if you like.

But I think you’re talking about the YYR DSB (made by NSK) which come in platinum and gold. I would NOT put dry lube on these, myself. They’re a high quality bearing with great spin and quiet performance. No point messing with it. Unless you enjoy the hiss that dry lube adds to a bearing.

I do!
Here is how I do it

While the platnium bearings did great out of the pack, I did treat mine with terrapin dry lube. If done correctly it adds only a tiny amount of noise (which i prefer actually) and i swear the spin time are nearly doubled after the lube job (again, if done properly)

I know most would say dont, but i do, and so far so good. I actually might even prefer the DS Plats over the terrapin ceramics, but i have committed just yet. Ill say they are both very close to being equals.

The only thing to remember about dramatically improved sleeper time is that it almost never translates into longer combo time. The friction from moving strings in and out of the gap cancels almost all of that out. The spinning yoyo has almost no torque, so the extra “sleeper time” doesn’t power through the friction and leave more left… the playing field gets levelled very quickly once combos are involved.

But your mileage may vary. :wink:

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My advice would be to follow the last two sentences on the 1st reply from GregP :wink:


Truth ^^ I just like the satisfaction of flicking a bearing and having it roll for nearly a minute. just makes me giggle. :slight_smile:

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any tips for quieting down a YYR DS bearing??? mine showed up yesterday, plays great but is veryyyyyyy loud. I’ve cleaned it once and a tiny pin drop of lube, it got a little quieter but its still loud…any advice.

will playing it longer help, ive got maybe 2 hours on it.

I had a DSB that was whisper-quiet out of the box… but then within 15 minutes it got HECKA loud, the same way OD 10-balls get loud.

Following other people’s advice for the OD 10-balls, I just played through it. It took a bit of time, but it is now quiet again. Not fresh-from-the-baggie “whisper” quiet, but really quiet.

If you trust your own cleaning regimen, you could give it a cleaning cycle… but I didn’t need to with mine.

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What are you using to clean it?

GregP already nailed it, but ill parrot him to echo the core points. Either play through it, or clean and or lube it. Sometimes a full drop of lube might be needed shush the really noisy ones…

-insert amusing antidote-
I had a noisy bearing last night, I went to put it in my acetone jar. I had forgotten that I had cleaned several other bearings in that same batch of acetone, so little did I realize that my acetone itself had gotten rather dirty. After pulling it out of the dirty acetone, i flicked dry and dang it! it was still noisy. It was at this time I realized my folly and tossed out the ole acetone and poured a fresh splash into my jar and did it again. Viola! its good to go.

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Greg, it got that one drop SQUEEEEEL for a little before I cleaned it!


Im using acetone as well…but I too haven’t changed it out in over a month…will do that this evening.

I did clean it once when I first played it. ive been just playing through it, just don’t want my co workers annoyed. it seems to be settling down a little.