How does this happen?!

aight i had a broken in bearing on my legacy that i took off my kickside and a couple of days later it want from being dead unresponsive to responsive but the thing that anoys me most is that it has a six min finger flick will some one please explain!

( i want a new breed so bad…)

Um a 6min flick spin? I think you meant seconds. As for your problem, try cleaning the bearing or blowing it out with compressed air.

yah six sec last time i tried to clean bearings on got worse and one didnt get affected at all

I’m guessing that there’s something in the bearing seat. Make sure there’s nothing in that seat.

Try compressed air??

this happened to me also, i had a little piece of plastic in my bearing seat and that was causing the problem, just check it as others have said ;D

thanks ill check

Also, make sure you dry the bearings really well after cleaning.

how do you dry well?

Spin it on a pencil, blow compressed air on it, or just let it evaporate overnight.

You just broke 1000 posts. Cool.

Make sure you blow it out very well. You can do what rsmod123 said, or you can even just hold the outside with your hand and blow compressed air (either from a can or from an air compressor) into it so that it is completely dry. If it isn’t completely dry, it stinks (literally) and it doesn’t work as well as with a dried and then lubed bearing.

Make sure you spin it on a pencil for a long time, I have gone through this, you think your bearing is broken then you spin it on a pencil, anyways, it should work.