drying the bearing

so after dropping a bearing in paint thinner,how can I dry the bearing besides using compressed air?

Spin it on a pencil.

okay thanks!

I heard someone once used a drill. Im not sure if thats a great idea though. :wink: Just use a pencil.

I agree with the above methods, but I do something else to make my bearing as dry as possible, and it sounds really weird.

I tear paper into pieces, then I stick the edges of the paper into the bearing. The paper absorbs the liquid, and I find it really helpful to get all the excess Mineral Spirits out. I just keep doing that with different pieces until its dry.

For me, i just let it evaporate for 15 mins haha, but nothing happened to my yoyos yet ;D

so how can i tell if the bearing is dry? and how long should i spin the bearing on a pencil?

you might be able to see a little liquid in the bearing,especually where the ball meets the outer core. you should spint it on there for about 5 mins,or at least when you dont see any mineral spirits in it. :wink: