Help urgent!!!!

I recently washed my bearings in mineral spirt for about 30 seconds but once I took it out and dried them they were all responsive.

Did you de-sheild them?

Or really dry them??

I de-shielded them but i spinner them on a tip of a pencil for about 20 seconds

You didn’t spin them long enough

If that’s all the drying u allowed then it didn’t dry lol

Then how long should I

If u have compressed air then blast it out with the air then let set for like an hour. If u don’t do that u really need to let it dry for hours. At least in my experience.

Short of compressed air. just blow on it fairly hard a couple of times. Then let it sit for an hour or so. Doesn’t hurt to dab it with a paper towel a bit either. If you use lighter fluid or acetone, it will dry much quicker than mineral spirits.

Either lube it or play it off or both.

my experience was with mineral spirits so that makes sense.

lubing a bearing that’s still wet with acetone or whatever will only make it worse.

Ohh… whoops.

Thank you you so much I rewashed them and made sure dry them out for a long time now their back to unresponsive

awesome, glad we could help