Dry Bearing Questions

Just a couple of question I couldn’t find on the search bar two inches on the topic screen.

  1. Do dry bearings spin longer than lubed bearings?

  2. Do dry bearings(New) need breaking in like other bearings?


  1. ususlly
  2. i’m not sure, but probably yes
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dry bearings will last at least a year (with good use,no smashing, dremel-breaking etc.)

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  1. Dry bearings spin longer and faster than lubed bearings but they don’t last as long. If you like you could put a tiny drop of lube in the bearing and then spin it around a pen for a few seconds to let it soak in.
  2. Dry bearings need to be broken in, and after you clean a bearing you have to break it in again.

Spin the bearing around a pen or paint brush will only let the thin lube into the bearing. You also have to break it in too. So just put it back into the yoyo and just continue to play with it. Because it will take a while to break in and it will act weird at first.

Do dry bearings get noisier or quieter when broken in?

depends on bearing