dropping the yoyo

So, Per a previous post, I was practicing my throw, focusing on everything except how close i was to the floor, and it bounced of the floor. So now there is a bit of a wobble to it. It it permanantly ruined? or will that go away? It isn’t un-playable, but definately not smooth.


I assume that your Legacy got beat up. If you banged it really har into the floor and it’s got a wobble now, you might have bent the axle. I don’t know about the Legacy, but on some yoyos, you can take out the axle and also get replacements. If you cannot do this on a Legacy, I do not know what you are supposed to do.

Addment: In this case, it might be wise to contact YYJ.

Is the axle dented? Here:http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1104.15.html

If you hit it too hard then maybe you broke your Legacy (this happened to me and my brother). Open it and check it.

i have a legacy and as far as i know it does not have a removable axle. sorry to hear bout that dude, its a great yoyo.

Put the legacy’s sides on a table. The two butterfly halves should be a parrelel line. If its not, push on the sides that are too far apart, so that they come closer. Do this until there is a minimal amount of un-parralel ness.

Not sure abt this, i did this on my dm, and it minimized the wobble a bit.

I believe that you can remove the axle on most YYJ’s, you just need a drill or something like that. And you can get replacements at YYN if I’m not wrong.

Addment: It’s a good idea to buy the spare axle before you remove the damaged one.

Yes! I removed the axle! Oh crud, how do i screw it back? NOOOO!!!

If you reverse the drill, it should screw the axle back in. It should not be too hard to get the axle back in.

Addment: The spares has to be screwed in as well, so it should be possible,