dropped skateboard in water??!


So my friend was filming with my phone, and picked up my board and said “what if I…throw it in the water?” and I told him not to, then my other friend jokingly pushed it in. Half of the board went in for like 5 seconds, and my phone did too. My phone doesn’t matter,its fine,but im worried about the board. Is it messed up? Is it gonna rust or something? How can I fix it? Or is it okay?


Dry it and the bearings off. It’ll be fine.


um from what i know in the past the grip tape will be chipping a little bit due to that adhesive wearing off but otherwise fine.


Thats the problem, it was yesterday… Im gonna bring it to a shop sometime and ask the guy there.


It’s fine man. Just clean the bearings and lube them. It’s not a fatal disaster.


Not too knowledgable on skateboards at all, but couldn’t you just disassemble the metal parts from the board, dry them, and possibly apply some kind of rust-preventive solution onto it (maybe some kind of light oil)? Depending on the kind of metal the skateboard is composed of, you might not even need to worry about rust.

As for the wood, I imagine it should be sealed to prevent it from absorbing liquid, but I can’t imagine 5 seconds of water exposure to be too bad at all. Probably should be more concerned with the metal though if anything.


The best solution is to get over it.
are you kidding? Your board got dropped in a puddle?

Its fine. Shut up and go skate.


Or what Mikers said.


calm down, why don’t u shut up? It was a pool, not a puddle idiot. It starting to rust so u just got proved wrong. Don’t bring back that attitude kid.


YOU calm down, yoyo143.
Doesn’t matter if it was a puddle or a pool. Dry it off and use it, or as I suggested WD-40. It’s an outside TOY and will get wet and dirty. Deal with it.


This, spray WD-40 on it and rub it all over the metal parts that got wet, and i guess you might want to take the bearings out and clean them as well.

But boards are made to take a bit of a beating, water included, so unless it was sitting in a puddle for like a day, i think you will be fine.



Not super experienced, but I would think it would take more than 24 hours for rust to start showing up…
Just me?

(LordCanti) #13

As said before disassemble, dry, oil, reassemble. I’m OCD about rust and a perfectionist with torque on the bolts and this works. Also, remember to film somewhere WITHOUT water if you don’t intend to get wet.


WD - 40 the WD stands for Water displacement. :wink:


How do I “dry it off” if it’s rusted already?
a showed a guy at zumiez and he said im gonna have to replace the parts. Thank for the “help”. I got mad, it was a bad day, but if you dont know about boards, dont post here…


Yeah my dad used to have sprinklers on in are front yard n I would always ride thru the water on the sidewalk
I always cleaned the bearings with dw 40
But I used too replaced my bearings almost every other month cuz where I lived there was dirt on the sidewalks
so yeah.


Yeah, if you leave water on the bearings, it will mess them up. That’s why, when it happens, dry them off. If you just let it sit then, yeah, it will mess up. But, I suppose the guy SELLING you things knows more than us that have nothing to gain from giving you false information.


Boards on Nord!

My bro(and we love riding in the rain) said google.

I mean, it could warp, it could rust. But really, just replacing the bearings if they rust, like with Zealous, would be a good idea, the trucks(is this a longboard or just a skateboard) I don’t know, some are aluminum(some even machined!! And should be fine, I think Miami is right, the guys at Zumiez might just want money, they might want to help, I don’t know. I longboard, I ride in the rain, you just wipe it down And hope for the best.


Clean the bearings like you would your yoyo bearings.

Lube it up.


Then just throw the thing away and forget everything people here are telling you.
Problem solved.