Drop Down Menus

I don’t know if this is already a known issue, and it’s a fairly small one, but sometimes the drop down menu for “Shop” at the top of the site is not up-to-date with the actual products available.

A couple tiny problems I can recall at the moment:

*The CLYW Chief is listed in the sub menu “Caribou Lodge”, but it just links to the storefront.

*The YoYoJam Starter Set is listed in the sub menu “YoYoJam”, but it just links to the storefront.

*There is a page for the CLYW Avalanche (Link) on this site, but it is not linked in the sub menu “Caribou Lodge”.

*The EXPERT Strings are listed in the sub menu “Yo-Yo String”, but this links directly to the ten pack page (Link). The EXPERT Strings are also available in a 50 pack (Link), but these can only be found on the actual Yo-Yo String page (Link).

I have noticed more small things like this while browsing the site, but I did not think to keep track. None of this stuff drives me crazy or anything, but I’ve started to wonder if I should be bringing it to the attention of the YYE staff.

one thing I noticed is if you are on the home page and go to forums, and discussion sessions, “Restocks and New Releases” does not appear. But if you are on any other page on the site it does.

You are referring to the drop down, correct?

When an item is out of stock and you stumble across a link to it, you will be redirected to the storefront main page. Arguably, a separate page, “Sorry, the requested item is currently out of stock!” would be better. But there’s only “so” much control YYE has over their store software.

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When we deactivate a product the link will redirect you to the main shop page. We do usually try to remove items from the drop down menu but many times it gets overlooked. I’ll make a note to go through and clean up the menu soon.

Thanks for pointing that out!