First of all, I’d like to thank Schnayke, Dingo54 and BenBod360 for hooking me up with free stuff. Most recently, cough-today, I got a nice little package from Ben containing an FHZ and some strings for me to try out, also a hand written letter. I love sentimental stuff… so we shall be doing a give-away in honor of these three dudes. Don’t thank me, thank them.

I will give one lucky person a set of Mod Spacers to use with an FHZ. FHZ NOW INCLUDED

You get will the two plastic bits, 1 35mm axle, and 2 metal spacers that come with the offstring kit to ensure your gap is at the preferred width. AND AN FHZ!

How you might ask?

You draw 1 picture. One Single Picture. I pick which one amuses me, or entertains me the most.


  1. MS PAINT ONLY. Got an apple? Too bad. Make it look like MS PAINT.
  2. You must draw the picture. If I do a reverse image search, and pull it up. You will be exposed. And it must have been drawn TODAY. No Old pictures you drew.
  3. You have 24 hours from now. Go.

Tip: Best artist won’t win.

guys… I was just kidding with the last title… I’m not upset… it was jokes I pwomise :slight_smile:

Only thing not hand drawn was the text and stars :slight_smile: This was hard lol


lol, I love the USA MADE! text… ms paint brings me back to win 95.

Keep um coming folks!

GregP… I expect to see something, idc if you live in Canada bro

Very silly contest.

May the best man win (me).

In just to see the pics! Loving it

Wow that is one awesome way to win. Just pick everything they like and put into one picture :wink:

I might draw something tonight, just for lulz

my random imagination

Omg, I love penguins… :smiley:

The llama - dears leg is beautiful

Thought for sure this would be a hit…

I asked for MS Paint… basically asking for ugly pictures lol.

Perhaps, the prize isn’t enough to make people go through the effort?

It’s enough for me but meh

Further proof that nobody better be up in my grill. This is a self-portrait. Mad skills with yoyo, mad skills with MS Paint. Better not front.



I am very impressed.

Okay, we’re upping the ante. 1 fhz + mod spacers.


Btw, that’s tape holding my eyes in that position ^^^

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Again thanks Sky, you truly liven up the place.

(*Hopes that people get the <3 44)

if you’re a pulp fiction fan you might get this…

i’m assuming you are because of your avatar.

goodnight :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol!! MORE