draupnir walk the doge

i can even hear the screech of the ds bearing

It hits me every time :’( poor draupnir. Btw that’s a sick red color on that, I have a black one.

such humiliation of such a wonderful yoyo…

bahaha awesome

Some of you guys need to stop being cry babies :stuck_out_tongue: “Such humiliation?” I don’t see how using that yoyo to perform the world’s most famous trick is humiliating that throw at all.


lol who cares? if anything the draupnir is better for walk the dog because of the rims.

lol thought it was gonna be on asphalt or something based on your reactions. That was nothing. Also lol’d so hard at the people when they saw the Dazzler price. I know dem feels.


LOL, they were so impressed by walk the dog and rock the baby. They should have just showed the people a WYYC vid instead of messing up a draupnir… :smiley:

Confirmed: You can walk the dog way better with a high end bi-metal. I bet it was way easier as well.

This was really interesting since i could understand the dialogue

They sold 12-13 dazzlers in a week : wow

Something that bothered me is that they didn’t mention the draupnir was bimetal :confused:

Plot twist: It’s actually not…

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I would be soooo happy if that were true.

It was a light touch on a smooth hard floor…Probably wouldnt even cause the lightest of a scuff.

Wow, someone owns a yoyo and uses it the way they like! No fear, no limitations, and has the leash on the dog where it belongs. Sweeeeet!

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