Dragon Jam - what has changed?

About 10+ years ago I got a YYJ Dragon Jam. It came pretty highly recommended (for what it was), and when I got it, I enjoyed working with it.

I later sold it, and last year purchased another, brand new, but it is an awful player. This one is translucent pink - I can see there are no weight rings of any sort inside, should there be?

Tried cleaning the bearing, without success.

This thing can’t get even 2 rocks in the cradle without dying. Any thoughts?

I still have and play my very first Dragon Jam, but I need to find some way to dig a silicone grove and add weight rings, maybe you can even beefcake it, but you do need to change the response system. It’s bad at 1A and bad at looping xD

i wonder if the new duncan mod spacers could work with it. lt looks like you only need a long enough axle that can also fit in the hole of the bearing seat.

I have some mod spacers…might take a look at that! :smiley:

Edit: no go, but a good thought.