Legacy Questions

(Kei) #1

1st: So today I was trying to see if there was any thing I could do to help fix my Legacy. I noticed that the opening where the axle goes into was striped on the top. So I looked at my brothers Legacy and noticed that his axle was bigger than the one in mine. When I screwed his half into my broken half it fit perfectly! So i decided that all I need to do was by another axle. I have been trying to take out the short axle from my legacy, but it wont come out. Does anybody know how?

2nd: Does anybody know which size axle would fit in my legacy, but would be a bit longer so I can screw it in?



Woah… so I’m not the only one. I think you can take an axle with pliers. (Correct me if me I’m wrong.)
And for the axles, get the YoYoJam Standard Axle.

(Kei) #3


I managed to unscrew the axle a little bit. Now I can screw the yoyo all the way without it slipping out! I forgot how the Legacy played so when I played it again I was amazed! I am sorry I overlooked it.


Well I think your post was also informative for me because I think that’s how I should fix my Legacy. ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Sweet! Hope it works!


Well, I can’t take out the axle using the pliers. Too hard. How did you do it?

(Kei) #7

actually I used a wrench. I grabbed the axle with my wrench and squezed as hard as I could. then I slowly turned the legacy.

I don’t know if that is much help.


I know some of the YYJ axles can be turned with an allen wrench. I would exercise caution when using pliers, I flattened some threads on my DM doing that, and I just ended up buying extra axles :frowning:


Oh wait, did you took the axle and you put another axle?

Because I ordered another axle I was wondering how do you like put in the area where the axle goes in?