DM2 cracked!


My DM2 is cracked and I need to know when to plan it’s funeral. Also taking of the caps made it playu much more smoothly.


It dosn’t look too bad… It looks like it will hold up for a while still. Is the crack so bad that the cracked half is popping off the axle?


No it’s not affecting play… yet. I just needed to know if I had to get a replacement ASAP. thanks


Used to see that a lot on the old style polycarb YYJ models like the HM and x-con. I thought maybe the new axle insert assembly would fix that. Apparently not. Did you bang it into the floor or something? All that said, it should still go a good long time.


A hit might have done it. It’s always had caps on and I took them off because I finally grew the thumb nail to do a thumb grind and I saw a crack.

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This is not an unheard of issue with YoYoJam. Very common, as jhb said with the older models that didn’t have this new axle system. Interesting to see it on some of the newer stuff.

Contact YYE about the issue, ask them what they think, and see if you can get a replacement if both you and they think it needs to be replaced. If they won’t give you a replacement and you want to replace it, I instead suggest getting a ProtoStar, or if you want to stay with YYJ, get a Trigger. Both major upgrades from the Dark Magic. If you don’t think it needs to be replaced though, don’t replace it.

Sorry to hear about that. At least it doesn’t look awful.


I’ve had it since last Christmas so I don’t think any sort of refund is possible… I dunno… Christmas contemplates what to do


That sucks. <inspects his own DM2, which he banged off the floor earlier tonight>

SR, that’s the first time I’ve heard someone (as much love as the yoyo gets!) refer to the Trigger (or Protostar for that matter) as “major upgrades” over the DM2. From what I’ve seen, I’m sure there are plenty of folks who would take the DM2 over one or both of those throws!


I think the Dark Magic 2 is on level with the Trigger and Protostar. Just its not the shape most are winning contests. Why? Simply, most guys who are winning contests are sponsored, and are sponsored to push the newest yoyos the company has. Sorry for getting off track, just felt that might be worth saying.

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Personally I prefer the ProtoStar and the Trigger far more than the DM.

Some agree, some don’t.


I don’t mind. The question weather or not it’ll last much longer was answered and now I’m curious of which is better because the trigger looks good and is cheap compared to other yo-yos. Any pros and cons to the DM2 over the Trigger


I feel the Trigger and Protostar are a step ahead of the DMII. Better shape for competition, better shape for horizontals.


It looks like it has very small space where you’d put your thumb for thumb grinds (everyone loves thumb grinds)


It will probably last indefinitely. I have an SFX and Hitman Pro that were cracked a couple years ago and they play absolutely fine. Although mine are not cracked nearly as badly as yours…

Also, my original Hitman has been cracked way worse for even longer and it plays fine too. I think it would take some serious hits to break any of them. As long as the body is not slipping around the axle nut you should be good to go.


That is strange - YoYoJam don’t really crack at all anymore… Email us and we can talk about it. :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’ve loved that DMII to death. I love mine too. For this Christmas get yourself another one, that sick special edition black with gold rims and gold caps that was released the other day. I have about 4 DMIIs. Never had a crack in mine. Great throw!!