Downtown Cleveland?

Hey I am going to be at Worlds and I am just wondering if the downtown Cleveland area right around the hotel is dangerous or relatively nice.

I know you need some prudence and street smarts in all cities, spent enough time in other cities to know that!

I wouldn’t recommend wearing a Warriors jersey.



Uh it’s not too bad near tower city in my opinion. I’ve stayed in downtown Cleveland a few times. No real adverse situations that I remember off hand.

There were 118 homicides in Cleveland last year, which doesn’t seem too high considering the population. Just don’t look at anyone the wrong way or go places you shouldn’t be and you’ll probably be fine.

Cool thanks guys

Pack this stuff just in case>

A Kevlar helmet… A Baretta .338 Lapua assault rifle… 1200 rounds of ammo… Bullet proof vest with back coverage and pelvic extension… A Para Ordinance .40 staggered clip high capacity sidearm with 18 backup mags… A double edged machete… 2 switchblades… 6 five point shurikens… An asp telescoping baton… 35000 volt taser… 1 Claymore mine… 2 phosphorous grenades… Nun chuks… A smoke bomb… Night vision goggles… 1 pair tactical gloves… 1 suitcase size intercontinental ballistic missle… A SpongeBob disguise… 1 double A battery… And a Pogo stick.(sometimes people will just leave you alone if they can see that you are hopping mad)

That’s all you need as long as you are going to stay in your Hotel room.

If you are going to go outside; you may need additional supplies.

Or find Steve Brown and borrow his dog.

Regardless, I think you will be just fine.


I’m glad I read this. I mistakenly thought the Squidward disguise and triple A battery were right for Cleveland. :grin:

Wow…a nun chuk? Really? Not very tactical, I tend to just carry my yoyo and use it more like a fistfiller, and go outside with other similarly armed individuals. :stuck_out_tongue: A baretta would be nice tho lol

This is what the area directly outside the hotel looks like:

(and it’s where the last night after party will be)

Got my Draymond Green jersey packed and ready to go!

Perfect! Seeing as he cost the Warriors a championship…

If you plan to save money by staying out of Downtown pick a motel/hotel near the rapid transit. If you take the train downtown get off under the Tower (right downtown) and will never have to leave the building, if that is your desire.

This is one of the funniest posts i have ever seen ;D

I live just south of Cleveland things are pretty bad with all the protests going on

Is it bad near the hotel?

The republican national convention is over. The protests should be gone.


OK that’s what I figured, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting into a nasty situation

we are gonna OWN that place! Saturday evening especially, well have that whole square on lock. :slight_smile:

World Record attempt? Oh yes.

Yeah man! So hyped!!