Downloading YouTube videos?

So I want to download a video off YouTube and get a file on my computer. Help?

I’ve tried MPEG Stream Clip, but to no avail.
I really need help on this.


There’s a couple of add-ons to firefox for that. If you’re using IE, I know nothing…

For firefox:

try download youtube downloader, I use that to download youtube video

And how would I go about doing that?

google youtube downloader

Let me google that for you.

Why, do you think he’s incompetent?

No, it was a joke.

Have you heard of…

I’m sure he’s competent.

Yes I have, but you didn’t do that there.

Besides, it’s so trivial, why go thru that effort when you can just tell them to go search themselves?
It’s sorta like giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish…