Down Sizing everything.

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Hey everyone.
Well its time for me to downsize my collection abit. My wife told me in order for me to buy another firearm, i should downsize and put this money towards that. So as hadd as it is, iv gathered what i want to sell.
I have not used the BST before. This is my first time. I do have a paypal account. Anyways, id like to beable to put all these in one box and sell them as awhole.

-purple Yoyofficer Kilter2. Been played. Siliconed response myself. Few nicks by bearing seat from hard bearing removal. Pixle bearing.

-black YYF Boss. Been played. One tiny nick. No ano break though. Center trac bearing

-blue marble red cap YYF Replay pro. Been played. Nothing wrong with it. Center trac bearing.

-mystery box 2016 YYF flight. Never played.

-slate grey Skyva. Been played. Few dings. Nothing crazy.
Plays great. Center trac.

-blue silver splash Magic Yoyo n12. Love this thing. Pretty much mint. Siliconed response myself. Center trac bearing.

  • green with purple caps YYF day dream. Played. No dings no nothing.

All have new neon orange kitty fat. 60$ for everything. Will throw in a ten pack orange kitty fat.