FS/FT: One drop Turning Point Yoyofactory Hspin C3 SPYY Bist and more!

Hi  ;D
I have lot things to sale. Offer me on PM.
All imperfections are shown on the photos. If photo is only from side it means that yoyo is mint. Write my if you have any questions.
One Drop Burnside bearing:one drop 10 ball !!!very limited -10 pieces WORLDWIDE!!!  120$/TRADE
YYF Supernova bearing:c3 spec 80$/TRADE
YYF Superstar mint bearing: YYF ct almost unused 110$/TRADE
TP Leviathan 3 bearing:TP ct TRADED
BIST B-rush 2 bearing:bist kk 65$/TRADE
HSPIN Nvx mint with box! bearing:hspin 70$/TRADE
Speedmaker/Lyn fury bearing: YYF ct 15$/TRADE
SPYY Pro bearing:YYF ct 90$/TRADE
YYF G5 bearing: YYF ct 65$/TRADE
HSPIN Pheonix 71 bearing:Hspin kk TRADE
YYF 888 stealth edition bearing: YYF a 65$/TRADE
Starlite/Northstar bearing:YYF ct
Duncan painted by John Higby (imperial)
Duncan Pulse 
HSPIN Pyro light mint in box (no photo because it’s mint in box)  80$/TRADE
YYF Popstar bearing: YYF ct 40$/TRADE
C3 Sceptre bearing:C3 80$/TRADE
copy of YYJ Phenomizm bearing:10ball KK!!! new 50$/TRADE

Greetings from Poland  8)
PS: looking for(only trade):
-Duncan Echo
-Werrd Split Decision

that champion yoyo is 14 dollars brand new, i would lower prices if you want anyone to think about buying it. like 10 shipped.

forum rules are to not hate on sellers prices! “3. No negative comments regarding sellers asking prices.” Thanks.


that wasnt negative, i was trying to help.