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I have 3 of my treasured undersized throws that I’m hoping to get rid of in a bundle I’d love to keep them together and I’ve added throws that I think people would want. Trust me, you want these throws, they’re amazing. I’m hoping they find a home with someone who is as passionate about smaller yo-yos as I am. If you’re looking to build up your undersized collection, I got 3 superstars that will immediately take ur colllection to the next level. I’m offering with them a 50ct Yoyofriends neon yellow string!!and I’m even willing to throw in a 4th Yoyo for free, and I’ll throw in 3 Yoyo stands as well!

Price is $175 shipped!

Dropping price for the bundle down to $155 shipped for all three!

Keeping the capstan

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If I sell them separately
Banshee $100
Capstan $70
Freehand $45

So with the bundle you’re basically getting a brand new gold and green freehand mini for FREE ALONG WITH 50ct Yoyofriends string and three stands

Bumping cus Cappy 22 is one of the best D-bearings out there imo (best I’ve played)

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Take $10 off the cap n the banshee
Take $5 of freehand
If buying individually

Bundle price reduced as well

Decided to give that capstan one last session in case it’s gone soon. And I’m glad I did, I came to my senses and asked myself wtf I was thinking :rofl: so I’ll be keeping that. And to think someone could’ve had for a steal too. :joy:


If someone buys together I’ll do the mini banshee and the freehand mini together for $115 And throw in the 50ct Yoyofriends string and the Yoyo stands! I’ll cover shipping. That’s an insane deal. And I’ll throw in a random hybrid yoyo


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