FS: Duncan | YYF | YYR | Yomega | Others... PICS UP

I will ship in bubbled envelope. If you have problem with that please tell me and I will ship priority.

Shipping price - First Class = 3dollars
- Priority = 5dollars

Pictures up! http://www.flickr.com/photos/48128463@N07/?saved=1

[b]Paypal only[b]
[b]Paypal only[b]
[b]Paypal only[b]
[b]Paypal only[b]

Protostar 25 -> 20
-Trans Blue
-Couple of Scuff
-Only Works With center trac or KK
-Come with Center trac

Raider EX 2 for 30 -> 25
-Trans Yellow
-I Have Spacers, Not Sure If I Have All

Higby Axiom 30 -> 25
-Nicks all around
-No Bearing

Skyline (Beater, Bgrade) 40 ->35
-No to Little vibe
-Bad Silicon Job

Skyline (Splash, Bgrade 50 ->45 ON HOLD
-purrple/blue and purple/orange

Skyline (Bgrade) 45 ->40
-Silver with satind rim
-Need new rim job
-Small vibe when you grind it

Ricerocket LB FHZ 40 ->35
-V Shaped
-No Bearing
-Usual FHZ Vibe
-Trans Blue

SFHG 15 ->10
-Crack on the hub
-Usual YYJ Vibe (Vibe on String)
-Scuffs on the rim

Hayabusa 10 ->8
-Normal 4a Scuff

Chaotic 40 -> 35
-Purple Acid Wash
-Center Trac
-No Vibe
-Two Scuff

Speedmaker 5
-Wierd coloring
-No Bearing

IO By Yoyoplanet 100+ PENDING
-Dark Brown Ed. 1/8
-Have vibe on grind
-Have 2 little scuff
-Have Package and Sticker
-Only Sold in Korea

Mini Star B+ 40 ->38 ON HOLD
-Scuff on the rim
-Vibe on Grind
-Box on Request

-Grooved Bearing

Only With Purchase of Yoyo

Higby Profly $1

Creeper $1

[b]Small Trans Dice (Random color/Not a good job on drilling the hole)/b] FREE

[b]Red Duncan Dice[b] $1 for each, have 2

[b]Duncan Guy Head CW[b] $1

[b]Red Spintop Button[b] $1 for each, have 2

[b]White Spintop button[b] $1 for each, have 4

[b]YYE Trading Card[b] FREE

[b]Yoyo Related Stickers[b] FREE

Do you ship to asia? XD

pictures are up and I only ship outside us for buyer who buys multiple yoyos

Are any of the skylines the small bearing?