Need money for car, Some plastics/metals for sale, Spyy, YYF, Duncan.

Hey guys, i need some quick cash, paypal only,  pleaseee no trades :slight_smile:


Star Grade Revenger, mint, brown with gold splash, no vibe, two small anno flaws, which is why its star grade
$70 shipped

Flying V, Good Condition, light rim scuffs/scratches, Red anno,  one tiny flat spot on rim,still plays beautifully, has a center trac, best slimline i’ve ever used.
$80 shipped


LB Skyline, has definite signs of use (scratches all over rims, two good sized dings), purple with blue splash, has clear stacks, center trac
$55 shipped

California(old one with stacks), purple, has scratches on rims, light dings, nothing super bad, plays well, my favorite full sized yyf, has ricestacks to match it :slight_smile:
$50 shipped


Custom modfather bionic freehand zero, white caps with logo removed (crack in one cap), dual recessed, reshaped! truly a work of art, plays great!
$45 shipped

Light up FHZ, stock, mint! clear, comes recessed from the factory :slight_smile: comes with light up counterweight!
$20 shipped

Hit me up with a PM here, or PREFERABLY email me offers at

-Frank Amato

Bump! will sell for lower, just offer! :slight_smile:

I can give you $55 for the Revenger