FS/FT YYF, YYJ, recrev

Mint YYF Equilateral 45 shipped (also have a red one if that’s your preference)

Mint YYF Roll Model 30 shipped

Mint YYF Protostar 25 shipped

YYJ Theory. One small ding on each half, still plays good. Caps are super fun. 40 shipped

Mint YYJ Trigger. 20 shipped

RecRev Nuave. got it as a prize and it came with marks on the rims. not dings, plays perfect 25 shipped

cash over errythang but im also seeing what i can get as far as trades, message me and we’ll talk.

last thing, please don’t offer to trade me yyf, you will be ignored :slight_smile:

Why do u not like YYF??