NEED MONEY FAST! FS/FT YYF, C3, Duncan, Spyy, Rec Rev LF: Spyy

Alright guys, I really want these gone tonight for the most part, so I’m gonna drop the prices. Willing to negotiate still on prices. I have a purchase I need to make tomorrow, and I want extra money so I don’t feel bad about doing it.

Spyy Pro - ONLY LOOKING TO TRADE FOR ANOTHER SPYY PRO, has slight vibe and scratches on rim, I’m looking for a blue/purple Pro.
YYF Onestar - 10 dollars shipped or 5 with another yoyo, mint with box
C3 Alpha Crash - 10 dollars shipped, 5 with another yoyo, mint
Duncan Mayhem - 45 dollars shipped OBO, mint
YYF Super G - mint, 55 dollars shipped OBO, have box
RecRev Turning Apparatus - Also not sure if I want to sell, has a tiny ding on the rim, 45 dollars shipped OBO
YYF GFunk - MIB 35 dollars shipped OBO
Spyy Orbitron - MIB, More looking to trade for another Spyy with this, 60 dollars shipped

LF: Cash or any of these SPYYs
El Ranchero
Speed Freak

bumping cause I need to make dat paper