FT/FS: SPYY, Crucial, Mad House, YYF

USA offers only. PayPal, and prices include shipping. Offer! Thanks! I have more feedback on other forums under the same name.

Japanese anything… YYR, YoYoJoker, sOMEThING, Turning Point
YYF: SuperNova USA 7075 models only, Avant Garde 1&2, Rockstar 2012, 7075 Catalyst.
CLYW: Chief, Avalanche, H5xChief, Glacier Express
OD: Burnside, Code2, Cascade
YYJ: Phenom, Next Level
C3YoYo: Yeah3, anything but capsule or delrins
RecRev: Freq.Wav, Oktave series, and Turning Apparatus.
Werrd: Irony JP, Hour
SPYY: Addiction2 or Speedfreak
Chico: Heavy Hitter2 S.U.V./ HH3
General Yo: KLR, 5*v2


Very Near Mint YYF 888x in Violet. There are microscopic scratches on the outer rims from I guess nudging it across my computer desk… I guess that shiny ano is very sensitive. But really they are so small you can hardly see them in the pictures and they are pretty good pictures. $75

Mint Crucial Delicious version 1 lime green - sick yo, got it straight from Mr. Yath himself. $75

Mint SPYY Ronin smoke color (black over raw acid wash) - Rare - $85

Madhouse 5150 blue/orange non bead blasted, a few scuffs from 5a play, lite vibe. $60

sOLD - Excellent SPYY PRO red/yellow acid wash, a few scuffs around both rims, very tiny, it fell a foot from my car door onto the drive way and didn’t roll. $75

KEEPING - Near Mint Jazz-Yo REGULUS in red. One tiny nick on one rim from a yoyo coming up and lightly touching it while it was on my belt loop. Super underrated and amazing yoyo. Very fast. $75

I want something spyy
where are you located

I’m in Sandy, Utah homie. It’s pretty much Salt Lake City.

Bump, JO, X-Cal, and “i” sold

bump, yoyos still for sale

Bump… Pro sold