Double or Nothing, it hates me!!

Hey guys, just wondering if you have any tips on how to land the yoyo on the final string consistently. I’ve landed it once with the whole entire revolution, and a couple of times just trying to find that sweet spot. Please comment below with your tips and tricks!!

First time around have the string close to the base of your finger. Second time, close to the tip. This allows for more space to land it without hitting the other strings.

The closer to the tip, the easier it is to land it. With enough practice, you’ll eventually master it!

Try going over each finger slowly

make sure your hands are the correct space apart. Too close or too far apaprt and the trick will fail. Make sure to have the first finger’s string crossing to go deep, as close to your finger webbing as possible, the next finger wrap should be as close to the tip as possible, shoot for the cuticle/base of your fingernail. The rest should almost happen for you.

Also make sure you get the string length right. If it’s too long then the strings are going to look a lot closer together and if it’s too short then you might hit your fingers and stuff. I used a pretty short string when I was learning the most basic tricks and then after I could hit a few of the more advanced tricks I moved to full length Toxic Strings Dragon, then after I started making my own tricks for a while I moved to full length kitty string extra tall thick, but that’s just my preference.

Also make sure to leave some slack when the yoyo lands so it doesn’t bounce off.

I learned it after many hours of trying. I did it at first by actually moving the first wrap away with my thumb. Then after landing it more and more, you will feel more comfortable with string placement. It takes practice and patience. But the further the wraps are apart, the better your chances of landing it. Good Luck! :peace_symbol:

Just be patient with yourself. Yoyoing ain’t easy.

And don’t get too hung up on consistency. Even the pros miss simple string hits now and then.