dont yoyo with headphones


not very bright, but the sensible solution is to stuff the cord in yer shirt…

just an amusing moment i thought


Put the cable behind you. Or down your shirt.

I mean, when I use my wireless IEM’s, I put the cable behind me.

If you want it front-style, then down the front of your shirt/inside the sweater.

(DOGS) #3

Heck, I always yoyo with headphones. I just put the cable behind my back.

Funny picture, though!

(Jei Cheetah) #4

I yoyo with headphones. If the yoyo gets caught in the chord, it means I am not doing the trick right. so I throw away the yoyo.


Yeah I just put the cord behind my back or down my shirt.

(laxdude99) #6

I yoyo behind my back to avoid this problem


the yoyo shouldn’t be punished for your mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jei Cheetah) #8

You are exactly right. It shouldn’t be.
Thats exactly why I do it.



He’s setting the yoyo free so it can find a loving home.

The Studio42 Orphanarium will open for new yoyos in December. Try to hang onto them until then.


Nobody’s has already won an award.


New style 6A!



…Orphanarium? Is that an Orphanage and Aquarium put together? :slight_smile:

cool pic tho. Cant imagine if the yoyo binds to the cord and says hello to your chin/FACE.


Hate when that happens. Watched Eric Koloski practicing his freestyle with headphones letting out a loose cord. Never ran into it. Never got caught. He’s a god.


I yoyo with my headphone cord down my shirt. Having the cord behind your back looks and feels awkward.

(M²) #15

I generally put my mp3 player in my back pocket, this generally keeps the chord out of the way.


When I do events, I often have to mix using my wireless IEM’s, which do come in and out during a show. I may also have a headworn mic on, as I may be using it as a talk-back to crew and in real-time without hitting a talk-back switch on the console as I’m not using the talkback mic. But, with 2 cords and 2 bodypacks, I need my front free and clear. So, for me, having them down the back is natural feeling for me.

The critical part is that the stuff is out of your way. Last thing you want to do is negotiate obstacles!


My wireless beats dont allow this to happen