Don't trade with dv888man hes a scammer, this is not spam

I recently traded my skyline and fiesta for a p2 and big yo, and he send back the skyline without the 20$ stacks and he didn’t send the big yo, so dont trade with him unless u want to get scammed

Okay will do.

Sorry to hear that too man. It’s never cool when someone takes you crud… Hope you get justice. :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused… so are you saying that you two traded (skyline + fiesta for P2 + bigyo), then traded back? You never got the bigyo at all? perhaps a slight re-wording could help.

Other than that, thanks for the heads up

page i think he is saying is that they traded but then traded back but he never sent the bigyo and he never got his 20 dollar stacks back hope this helps


He traded a Skyline and Fiesta for a P2 and Bigyo. The Skyline had $20 stacks on/with it. The person he traded with sent him back the Skyline without the stacks, and without his other yoyo, and never gave him the yoyos that he wanted.

Person 1 had:


Person 2 was supposed to give him for those two yoyos:


Person 1 got in the end:

-$20 hubstacks+Fiesta

Person 2 got in the end:

+$20 hubstacks and a Fiesta