Don't sell that collection!

I notice how some people do this, they find their “perfect yoyo” and sell the rest of their collection. Don’t do this! While I do mosly play with my “perfect yoyo”, a Peak, I realluy enjoy playing some cheaper, and my first yoyos. The KickSide is a great example, I love it, and would never sell it, I don’t understand why some people sell their whole collection and have one yoyo, variety is the best part about yoyoing. So, I hope you can learn something from this, have fun throwing!

My friend who started the yo-yo craze at my school bought like 20 good yo-yo’s and he sold them to people for like massive discounts. You just loose money when you do that. He has an 888 and a dv888 now. I completely agree with you gm user.

My friends are spoiled and greedy. >:(
They’ll only sell yoyos for twice the price. They literally get every yoyo they want, Project, 5 Speeders, M1s, etc… never use them and they are really bad at yoyoing, like, I can’t do Spirit Bomb bad. They won’t sell their yoyos for a decend price either, greddy people.

Yeah. This guy never let me use his yo-yo’s unless I payed him to use it or bought it from him.

EDIT: …never let anyone use his yo-yo’s unless…

Its their yoyos, let them do what they want.

Just saying it isn’t the best thing to do, do what you want.

I have when people have Giant Collections and don’t use half of them. The worst is when they aren’t that good and have amazing all metal Yo-yos.

I am good with a “Bad” yoyo collection. :slight_smile:

My friend cant bind, cant throw a 10 second sleeper on my legacy, and doesnt want to throw with his middle finger and wants to buy a DM…

Yeah. I don’t like people using my yoyos.

I don’t even buy or sell yoyo’s, i don’ like the feeling of selling them because of all we went through, I know that sounds weird but buy is different, i don’t like playing with “someone elses” yoyo.

I get it, I feel the same way.

My friend can barely do a brain twister, and he just bought a DM. I sound mean when I say this, but if either me or him were to spend $40 on a yoyo, it should be me. I’m past Brain Twister, and I just got Split the Atom. No, I don’t think I should spend $40 on a yoyo just yet, when I said that other thing I meant if one of us HAD to spend that kind of money on a yoyo. Right now I use a $15 Speedmaker, and I can do way better stuff on mine than he can on his. I try to tell him that it is the player, not the yoyo, when he says, “Dude, I’m way better with my DM!”.d But he doesn’t listen. I know this is a long post but I need some people I can tell this to besides him so I won’t hurt his feelings.